The road heading east out to the A71, from the Main Street, East Calder has now a number of speed bumps. All very well you may think, if you remember that they are there in the dark.

What bothers the Community Council, and many others who have spoken to us, is the state of the road, with potholes and broken up road surface extending way out past Camps.

We have been told that this will be all sorted when Calderwood is complete. However, with a planned completion which is many years in the future, do we really want to wait until this supposed date that may or may not ever occur.

Let us know what you think?

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You have probably spotted that the new partnership centre on the main street in East Calder is progressing. What you may not appreciate is that the East Calder Health Practice is not part of the new partnership building, and there is nothing on the horizon for the update of the ageing practice buildings for our ever-increasing population.

The Community Council think that NHS Scotland should be progressing plans now for a new health centre fit for the growing communities it serves.

What do you think?

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