As you are hopefully aware, there has been a consultation by Edinburgh Airport Ltd which included a proposed flight route A6 overflying just east of East Calder and directly over the Calderwood development.


East Calder Community Council weren’t happy about this, for a variety of reason. Particularly that Edinburgh Airport documents had not included East Calder within a key table of who is affected and the true numbers that we think are being impacted.
Edinburgh Airport’s excuse was that they had decided not to include all communities in their documents. This seems to us was a very poor excuse when a preferred route by them includes East Calder and the surrounding area.

East Calder Community Council have formally objected to the proposal, along with many local politicians and West Lothian Council. We will now have to wait for the next stage which goes to the Civil Aviation Authority. We will keep you up to date on progress, but let your local politicians know what you think, if you haven’t already.